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Bite Science Soft Plastic lures are the brain child of accomplished fish biologist and behavioural scientist Professor Wu. He has used his knowledge to formulate a range of lures with the perfect blend of action, shape, colour and scent to induce the fish to take.

Bite Science Soft Plastic lures is the Mastermind of accomplished Fish Biologist and Scientist Professor Wu who has dedicated His Life to understand the Biomechanical, Visual, and Olfactory Triggers that entice prdatory Game Fish to Attack.

Bite Science Soft Plastics incorporate Professor Wu's perfect blend of of Max Action Formulas, Bio Tech Designs, Trigger Scents and XT Ultra Tough Plastics.

Bite Science is the Most Advanced and Effective Formula for Catching Predatory Game Fish.


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Showing 1 - 30 of 37 items