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  • Ultimate XX 100%...

    Ultimate XX 100% Fluorocarbon 50m Leader Line

    Highest quality 100% flurocarbon line

    Perfect for fly leaders, Bass leaders.

    Super clear color

    50 meters spools.

  • Airflo Sightfree G3...

    Airflo Sightfree G3 Fluorocarbon Tippet 50m

    The UK’s No1 selling Fluorocarbon is up to 60% lower in diameter than regular fluorocarbon, boasts superior knot strength and excellent suppleness.

  • Airflo Ultra Strong...

    Airflo Ultra Strong Co-Polymer Tippet 50m

    Airflo Ultra strong co-poly represents the most advanced co-polymer tippet material on the market today.

  • Stealth Mono Tippet 50m

    Stealth Mono Tippet 50m 

    50 m Spool of Monofilament tippet 

    Fresh water 

    high strength


    minimum visibility

  • Greys GX Flurocarbon...

    Greys GX Flurocarbon Tippet

    Supplied on an interlocking spool and featuring the same attributes as more expensive lines, Greys GX (quick-sinking) Fluorocarbon Tippets represent excellent value for money. With high knot-strength, the Greys GX Fluorocarbon low in diameter and have an absolutely no memory...what more could you want from a tippet?

    • Superb knot strength
    • Good sink rate
    • Available on inter-locking spool
    • Low diameter
    • Low memory
    • Supple
    LB Diameter Code
    2.6 0.16 F-GTGX2.6
    3.5 0.18 F-GTGX3.5
    4.3 0.19 F-GTGX4.3
    5.5 0.20 F-GTGX5.5
    6.4 0.21 F-GTGX6.4
    8.0 0.24 F-GTGX8.0
    9.5 0.26 F-GTGX9.5
    10.8 0.28 F-GTGX10.8

  • Dragon Nano Crystal

    Dragon Nano Crystal 

    Copolymer line made in Japan with the usage of the nanotechnology.

    The line has high operating parameters.

    Colourless, with high transparency, perfect for fishing in crystal waters at any time of the year by float, feeder and spinning methods.

    The line is protected by proper layers against damaging influence of the sun, fraying and resistance to abrasion on the edge of the snag.

    It is also protected against water absorption and does not become stiff in lower temperature, for example during late autumn and winter thaw.

    This effective and comprehensive protection of the line significantly extends its suitability for use and maintaining the tensile and knot strength in all weather conditions and during difficult fight.

    Enables effective fishing without the fear of losing the fish.

    Very good qualit-to-price ratio.

    Made in Japan

  • Dragon Invisible...

    Dragon Invisible Flurocarbon 20m

    Highest quality 100% flurocarbon line, manufactured in Japan for Dragon. Perfect for fly leaders, surf rods, Bass leaders. Super clear color, 20 meters spools.

    • fast sinking (specific gravity 1.78)
    • invisible in the water (angle of refraction similar to the water)
    • super sensitive (low elongation)
    • zero water absorption
    • high abrasion resistance
    • superb knot-to-tensile strength ratio.

    Made in Japan

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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items