Fishing Weights


Fishing Weights

Fishing weights and sinkers for all your angling needs including lead and tungsten

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  • Tungsten Worm Bullet...

    Tungsten Worm, Bullet and Flipping weights are heavier per size than lead weights, allowing you better penetration into cover, better sensitivity and producing less carbon footprint in the form of lead polution and poisoning.
    Tungsten Flipping weights with a Boat Tailed Bullet design allows for better penetration when flipping and pitching, the weight shape also makes the rig easier to put into and pull out of cover

  • Tungsten Punch Skirt...

    Tungsten Skirt Punch Weights offer all the benefits of tungsten, and it features a convenient skirt keeper. Perfect for penetrating thick vegetation, it is more compact and more sensitive than lead thanks to the increased hardness and heaviness of its tungsten composition. Simply affix your favorite skirt directly onto the weight, thread your fishing line through, tie on your hook, and rig on your favorite soft plastic bait. Then go to work.

  • Tungsten Mojo Weights

    Tungsten Mojo Weights designed for mojo fishing allow for a better weight per size of weight. This allows for better sensitivity and a more finesse presentation

  • Neko Rig and Nail Weights

    Neko Rig and Nail Weights

    Insert a Nail Weight into your favorite Plastic and Fish the Neko Rig

  • Tungsten Drop Shot...

    Made From 97 % Pure Tungsten

    Lead Free

    "Skinny" Profile & Increased Mass/ Volume Ratio Profile for Increased Penetration & Fewer Snags

    Supurb "Ping" on Sonar for Vertical Drop Shot Presentation.

  • Tungsten Beads

    Tungsten Beads

    Pimp up your presentation with TUNGSTEN BEADS

    100 % Lead Free

  • Lead Drop Shot Weights
    Lead Drop Shot Weights designed for drop shot presentations in conditions that require vertical or finesse fishing applications
  • Lead Carolina Weights

    Lead Egg weights designed for Carolina Rigging allowing for long casts and less snag ups

  • Lead Mojo Weights
    Lead Mojo Weights designed for Mojo Fishing which is a finesse carolina righ
  • Lead Rubber Core Weights
    Lead Rubber Core Weights allow you to attach a weight and then move it up and down the line for the action and presentation you want
  • Lead Egg Weights
    Lead Egg Weights Designed for Carp fishing or Carolina Rigging for Bass
  • Lead Shot
    Lead Shot or Split shot for weighting down your line or bait to produce a faster fall rate
  • Specimen Carp Weights
    Specimen Carp Weights from the best brands around the fishing tackle industry
  • Lead Bullet Weights
    Lead Bullet weights designed for Texas Rigging Soft Plastic Lures
  • Lead Round Weights

    Lead weights designed for rigging dropshot and line rigging