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Terminal Tackle

Terminal tackle and fishing gear including your hooks, swivels, weights, beads, rigs etc

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  • Fishing Weights

    Fishing weights and sinkers for all your angling needs including lead and tungsten

  • Tungsten Sinkers

    Tungsten Sinkers and Fishing Weights

    97 % Tungsten

    Lead Free

    Increased Mass / Decreased Volume

    Enhances Presentation for ease of Penetration

    Bullet, Flipping, Drop Shot and Mojo

  • Swivels
    Swivels to reduce line twist and improve casting. Ball bearing and standard available
  • Snap Swivels
    Snap swivels for easy tackle and technique switching
  • Snaps
    Snaps for easy tackle and technique switching
  • Steel Trace Wire
    Steel trace wire to reduce cut offs and fish biting through standard fishing line
  • Rubber Stoppers

    Rubber Stoppers to hold your baits, sinkers and weights, floats in place

  • Beads
    Glass and plastic beads for rigging
  • Bait Cotton

    Bait Cotton 

  • Floats/ Policeman/Bite...

    Floats/ Policeman/Bite indicators/Glowsticks

  • Split Ring

    Split Ring 

  • Solid Rings

    Solid Rings 

  • Rattles


  • PVA
    PVA Systems for specimen carp groundbait and fishing systems
  • Centering Springs /...

    As featured on Twistlock and Spring Lock hooks, these interchangeable stainless steel  Springs attach to hook eyes, and allow any soft plastic bait to be permanently secured by inserting the pin in the center of the bait's nose and then screwing the bait onto the coil spring.

  • Terminal Tackle Kits

    Terminal Tackle Kits

  • Saltwater Traces
    Saltwater Traces
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Showing 1 - 30 of 321 items
Showing 1 - 30 of 321 items