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Artlure Spinnerbaits 

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  • Strike King Bleeding...

    Strike King Bleeding Bait Mini-King 1/8oz

    Take one of the most popular multi-species spinnerbaits on the market, add a red hook and bleeding accent skirt and what do you have? One deadly little fish catching dude. Tie one on and catch everything that swims!

    Premium Components

    Bleeding Bait red Hook and Bleeding accent skirt

    In 4 colours 

    301SG Bleeding Chartreuse

    303SG Bleeding Chartreuse/White

    304 Bleeding White

    317SG Bleeding Fire Tiger

  • Strike King Bleeding...

    Strike King Bleeding Bait 3/16oz

    Research shows that a red blood trail triggers a natural feeding response in predatory fish.

    Premium Stainless Steel Wire

    Bleeding Red Accent Skirt and Bleeding Bait® Hook

    Premium Components

    Bleeding Spinnerbaits Weights and Blades

    Colorado/Willow - 3/16 oz BB316CW

    Colorado/Willow - 3/8 oz BB38CW

    Willow/Willow - 1/2 oz BB12WW

    In 6 colours 

    301SG Bleeding Chartreuse Not available in BB12WW

    303SG Bleeding Chartreuse/White

    304 Bleeding White

    315SG Bleeding Gold Shiner

    317SG Bleeding Fire Tiger

    328 Bleeding Shad

  • Strike King Premier...

    Strike King Premier Pro-Model 3/16oz

    The Bread & Butter Spinnerbait of the Pros

    A full line of premium spinnerbaits with a model for every need.

    Mustad® double hardened premium black nickel chemically sharpened hook

    Perfect Skirt®

    24K gold and/or nickel plated premium blades engraved with “Strike King” and blade size

    Premier Vibra-Max wire for maximum blade vibration

    Superior quality Spin-Eze® ball bearing swivel

    Kevin VanDam - “I helped design the Premier Pro-Model®. It has consistently helped fishermen win tournaments across the country. It’s an awesome top-of-the-line spinnerbait.”

    Premier Pro-Model Codes,Weights and Blades

    PP316CW - Colorado/Willow - 3/16oz -204S, 209GS, 213SG   

    PP316CC - Colorado/Colorado - 3/16oz - 212G, 213SG

    PP38CW - Colorado/Willow - 3/8oz - 204GS, 204P, 209GS, 212G ,217SG, 12S

    PP38CC - Colorado/Colorado - 3/8oz - 204S

    PP12W - Colorado/Willow - 1/2oz - 215G, 217SG, 12S, 1SG

  • Strike King Baby...

    Strike King Baby Burner 1/4oz

    The BABY BURNER™ is a premium downsized frame spinnerbait that is great when the bite is tough. Designed for high speed retrieves, it features a downsized version of the new Strike King® RAZ-R-BLADE™ High RPM blades. They are a thin cut willowleaf blade that spin fast and cause less drag than traditional willow blades. They help keep the bait from rising to the surface and blowing out when moving fast and they increase flash too. The shape of the head with extra weight on the hook shank reduces drag and runs true. It has a super sharp Gamakatsu® hook, Perfect Skirt® and SPIN-EZE® ball bearing swivel. Now there’s a small spinnerbait you can crank hard and get the reaction strikes you want!


    High RPM Blades

    Perfect Skirt®

    Gamakatsu® Hook

    Compact Minnow shaped head design

    BURN14- 1 ⁄4 oz model Colours Available

    201SG Super Chartreuse

    203SG Chartreuse/White

    204GS SuperWhite

    209S Blue Shad

    590GS Sexy Shad

    257GS Smokey Shad

    586S Sexy Blue Back Herring