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Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man how to fish and you’ve fed him for a lifetime.

This age old adage is truer for the Engelbrecht family, whose love and passion for fishing has gone beyond the lure and tackle box. Their second home, or first (I am not really sure!), the World of Fishing at Orion’s very own Northcliff Atrium is a fisherman’s’ dream.

From lures and lights, to nets and reels, the World of Fishing has it all.

Owned and operated by Zara, Steve and Charl Engelbrecht, the World of Fishing is the premium stockists and purveyors of quality tackle, lures, bait and outdoor accessories. Steve Engelbrecht said he can’t recall when his love for the sport began but has never looked back since. “Fishing is not just about catching the biggest or longest or rarest. It is about camaraderie, the love for the great outdoors and the respect for nature and its wonders. It has brought me closer to loved ones and it has taught me many lessons which I am sure everyone with a rod and reel knows what I am talking about,” he said.

Steve and Charl are both professional anglers with extensive competitive experience all over Southern Africa and in the USA. They are both available to share their expertise and their experiences with each and every client who visits the massive fishing outlet.

Jonathan Steyn (Known affectionately to all as "J-J") is an Experienced Fly and Fresh Water Angler and runs the "Front of Shop" Operations. Jonathan is the "Go - To Guy" for advice on a Huge Variety of Skills and Knowlege on Equipment, Venues, Techniques and tactics. Jonathan is a Qualified Field Guide and offers Guided Fly Fishing Excursions to a Premium Private Venue on the Vaal River.  

World of Fishing / www.bass.co.za caters for:

The Bass Angler, Carp Angler, Fly Angler, Tiger Fisherman, Rock and Surf Angler, All Species Lure Angler, Bank Angler, Specimen Carp Angler and Ski Boat, Yacht and Fishing Boat Enthusiast.

World of Fishing / www.bass.co.za offers:

Fishing Tackle, Fishing Reels, Fishing Tackle Boxes, Fishing Tools, Fishing Rods, Fishing Hooks, Nylon Fishing Line, Braided Fishing Line, Fluorocarbon Fishing Line, Fishing Leaders, Fly Fishing Line, Fly Fishing Reels, Fly Fishing Tools, Soft Plastic Bass Fishing Baits, Spinnerbaits, Buzzbaits, Stick Baits, Crank Baits, Topwater Baits, Polarized Eye-Wear and Sunglasses, Fishing Jigs, Floatie Baits, Mallow Baits, Carp Baits, Carp Fishing Ground Bait Feed, Carp Boilies, Carp Particle Mix, Tiger Nuts, Terminal Tackle, Specimen Carp End Tackle,  Fishing Traces, Fishing Caps, Fishing Sinkers, Trolling Motors, Tungsten Bass Fishing Weights, Fishing Swivels, Tents, Specimen Leads, Depth Sounders, Chart Plotters, Marine Radar, VHF Marine Radios, Marine AIS Transponders, Fish Finders, Electronic Marine Charts, Carp Dips, Carp Concentrates, Hook Bait Dips, Liquid Attractants.

World of Fishing / www.bass.co.za stocks the following FAMOUS BRANDS:

Abu Garcia, Airmar, Airflow Fly Lines, Backstabber Lures, Bad to the Bone, Ballistic Eyewear, Berkley Gulp, Berkley Gulp Carp, Berkley Havoc, Berkley Powerbait, Berkley Trilene, Berkley Classics, Berkley Vanish, Big Bite Baits, Booyah, BS Fishing, BWG Fishing, Conoflex, Coleman, Cortland Fly Lines, Costa Del Mar Eyewear, Cull-em, Culprit, Daiwa, Daitchi, Damiki, Docks, Duckett Fishing, Dynamite, Falcon Graphite Fishing Rods, Fenwick, Fin- Nor, Fun Tackle, Camping Gaz, Gamakatsu, Gary Yamamoto, GOYA, Greys Fly Fishing, Hawg Caller, Heddon, Itty's Secret Baits, Jarvis Walker, Jewel, King Fisher, Korda, Linx, Lowrance, Lures Factory, Mako Eyewear, Minn-Kota, Motor-Guide, Mitchell, Moaner Hooks, Mustad, Marukyu, Navionics,  Netbait, Norman Lures, Owner Hooks, Penn, Payo Lures, Quantum, Raptor Eyewear, RAM Mounting Systems, Rapala, Rebel Lures, Revo, Rovex, Salmo, Seaguar, Scientific Fly, Sensational Angling, Shakespeare, Shimano, Snag Proof, Spiderwire, Spike It, SPRO, Storm, Stealth Fly Fishing, Strike King, Suffix, Super Cast, Taylor Man's, Terminator, Toray,  Tork Craft, Trilene, True Cast, VMC Fishing Hooks, Varkenelli Customs, Xcite Baits,  Z-Man, Zoom Bait Company, YUM.

In the mean time, be sure to visit the World of Fishing at the Northcliff Atrium, 189 Beyers Naude Drive or contact Steve, Zara, J-J or Charl on 011 782 6969 or email: info@bass.co.za.