Jigs for flippin, swimmin or football jigs for working over large flats

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  • Football Jigs

    Football Jigs are designed to be fished like a carolina rig, allowing you to work large areas and flats while keeping contact with the bottom. Fish love em

  • Swim Jigs

    Swim Jigs / Swimming Jigs

    Swim Jigs feature Arrow Shaped Jig Heads which are virtually Weedless.

    As the name implies, this Jig is SWUM through the water collumn.

    Add either a Twin Tail, Boot Tail or Paddle Trail Trailer to entice Giant Bass out of heavy cover.

    Fish it like a Spinner Bait!

  • Heavy Cover, Casting,...

    Flipping Jigs

    Designed to penetrate Heavy Cover with minimal snagging

  • Flipping Jigs

    Flipping jigs designed to be fished into heavy cover, includes a brush guard to increase the weedless characteristic of the bait

  • Finesse Jigs

    Finesse Jigs

    Finesse Jigs are Round Head or Arrow Head Jigs which are generally small and fished on light line with dainty trailers.

    They feature both Round and Arrow Jig Heads and light wire hooks

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Showing 1 - 30 of 55 items
Showing 1 - 30 of 55 items