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  • Airflo PolyLeader 12lb...

    Airflo PolyLeader 12lb 1.5m

    Airflo's Polyleaders are made from the same material as the flyline, resulting in better energy transfer to your fly. This provides the ultimate in turnover, allowing you to more easily cast bigger flies or defy the wind. Polyleaders are available in seven sink densities, making them the perfect sink-tips. They feature Airflo's famous factory welded loop at the rear of the leader, with an exposed mono front to tie on your favorite tippet.

    From casting on a turbulent stream to searching the depths of your local lake this range of leaders covers the full spectrum of fishing situations. Smoothly tapered to give easy turn over of dries, nymphs and streamers these leaders open up many new techniques not only with a floating line but with sinking lines as well.

  • Stealth Tapered Leader...

    Stealth Tapered Leader 9ft 

    Our tapered leaders are designed to turn over flies perfectly.

    Stealth fly fishing leaders excel because the nylon material balances three crucial elements better than any other: elasticity, knot strength and suppleness. The absolute best nylon material on the market. Stealth tapered leaders higher breaking strength will allow you to land and release fish quicker.

  • Cortland Precision...


    Precision Fluorocarbon Leaders – 9 ft.

    Cortland's all-new Precision Fluorocarbon leaders are virtually invisible underwater while providing exceptional resistance to abrasion.  Formulated for maximum knot strength and tapered for positive turnovers, they are ideal for fishing to wary fish in clearwater situations. With pretied Perfection loops for easy rigging, they're available in 9' lengths in tippets sizes from 0X to 8X.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items