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  • Airflo Velocity Optic...

    Airflo Velocity Optic Green Floating Weight Forward

    A perfect line for those new to the sport or just getting back into it. 

    With its user friendly taper design, the long rear taper allows the line to grow with you as you improve and increase your casting range.

    Velocity lines have many of the features found on our premium lines, available in Floating, Clear Intermediate, and Fast Sinking.

    Our “budget” family of lines.

    Designed as a great all-around line for people looking to spend a little less money.

    They have a modest head length and taper profile in a slightly shorter (82’) total line length.

    No ridges, no loops, and no Super-DRI, but the line has the same great extruded polyurethane construction as other Airflo lines.

    They come in floating WF and DT versions as well as two sinking WF versions.

    The clear intermediate sink and type 3 sink lines are constructed on a mono core.

    The floater comes on low-stretch Power Core.

    This line is designed for anglers of all skill levels in all fishing conditions.

  • Airflo Forty Plus...

    Airflo Forty Plus Extreme Ivory Sunshine Floating Weight Forward

    The 40+ is a unique line; its short head length and heavy head weight make it effectively a shooting head with an integrated running line.

    The name 40+ comes from the line length, which is 40 yards long.

    Made to be significantly heavier than standard lines (per AFFTMA standards), the 40+ line will help lesser casters load the rod and get more distance.

    This line is about a full line size heavier than a “normal” line.

    They perform well on light switch and spey rods where a head system isn’t convenient.

    These families of lines feature thick tip diameters to help beginners maximize casting distance.

    With its easy loading 35' head and low diameter running line, you'll soon be reaching for the horizon with the new Airflo Forty Plus Super Dri fly lines. Enhanced with Ridged running line, an addition that makes the line cast even further than you ever imagined possible, and now with the NEW Super Dri floating coating these fly lines will cast further and floater better than ever before. 

    The Airflo 40+ Super Dri lines come in both floating and 3ft mini tip version, allow you to use these excellent casting lines from the bank or boat for maximum distance and control. 

    Power Core as standard, and you'll need it to help set hooks at the increased distance you'll be fishing! Doubles as an excellent switch casting line in confined spaces. 

    The SuperDri technology has been developed for the serious floating line angler, featuring a friction reducing coating which lets the line glide through the rod rod rings and adds yards to your cast. The Super Dri's coating gives you unparalleled floatation with the ability to repel water, dirt and surface scum better than any material in the history of fly lines.

  • Airflo Sixth Sence...

    Airflo Sixth Sence Peach Floating Weight Forward Delta Taper

    The benefits of ultra low stretch lines were clear – smoother casting performance, positive hook sets, quicker lift off, and improved mending control–reasons enough not to give up on this radical concept.

    Using our Power Core braid, Sixth Sense fly lines combine TDC technology with our favorite “Delta Taper” to create a range of zero memory lines that cast and fish like a dream. The rear taper is clearly marked for optimum loading and casting consistency.

    Fly line stretch is a key element in how it performs while casting, line control, take detection and hook set. ultimately if you reduce the stretch, you improve all of these factors, and thus a superior performing fly line. 

    In recent years, the Bass guys may have borrowed the idea for a low stretch fishing line from us with their obsession for latest super braid lines, but with our Sixth Sense range of fly lines we’re taking the concept back for the fly fisher. 

    Sixth Sense lines have just 6% stretch compared with the 20% in other manufacturers fly lines… less stretch equals more fish. Discover your Sixth Sense.

  • Airflo Super Dri Elite...

    Airflo Super Dri Elite Lichen Green Floating Weight Forward

    Introducing Airflo's new groundbreaking Technology with the SuperDri fly line range! 

    The SuperDri technology has been developed for the serious floating line angler, featuring a friction reducing coating which lets the line glide through the rod rod rings and adds yards to your cast. The SuperDri's coating gives you unparalleled floatation with the ability to repel water, dirt and surface scum better than any material in the history of fly lines. 

    Another new feature of the SuperDri range from Airflo is 'Zone Technology', a new concept that uses a low compression compound in the part of the line exposed to the most stress, ensuring the line doesn't stick to the rod guides when hauling and shooting. This new line technology will minimize friction during the cast, helping with distance and extending the life of your floating line. Coupled with Airflo's revolutionary ridge and power core, you will notice the difference from your very first cast. 

    The Super Dri Elite fly line is our 'go-to' trout taper. The standard head length and modest front taper will allow any angler to present a fly with ease at distance with great presentation. This line does it all, great for all aspects of trout fishing.

  • Airflo Super Dri...

    Airflo Super Dri Tropical Bonefish Gull Grey Sandy Tan Floating Weight Forward

    The Airflo Super-Dri Ridge Bonefish line is an incredible step forward for hot climate line technology. Using ridge technology with Airflo's Power Core, their remarkable Super-Dri coating has now been applied to make this line shoot like a rocket and take the heat like no other line on the market. 

    A favourite of many fly fishing guides the world over, due to their durability, casting prowess and technical deliver at range; other manufactures PVC based lines don't even come close and wilt and crack in the heat. These lines will not let you down even after years of abuse and expose to the sun, sand, coral, mangrove stumps, DEET and sunscreen. 

  • Airflo Super Dri G...

    Airflo Super Dri G Shock Peach Floating Weight Forward

    The new Airflo G-shock fly line has been awarded 'tackle tester's choice' in Trout Fisherman magazine! 

    It’s over 30 years since we first introduced a non stretch fly lines to the market and it’s fair to say it was a real game changer so why bring back a low stretch line? In certain circumstances for example when using lighter tippets a percentage of stretch is beneficial to prevent break offs. 

    Airflo's new super dri G-Shock fly line has a controlled amount of stretch of 15% as opposed to 20-25% from other manufacturers, and allows all anglers to enjoy the obvious benefits of Super Dri, in a fly line closer to the stretch level that they are used to in a 'traditional fly line', therefore giving a similar feel to a stretchy PVC line, but still allowing you to set the hook marginally better without any fear of breakage. Also ideal for those anglers who have never tried a non stretch and non PVC based line before. 

    Supple with next to zero line memory these lines are sure to become a best seller. 

  • Airflo Super Dri...

    Airflo Super Dri Bandit Camo Floating Floating Weight Forward

    Trout fishing in New Zealand is challenging. Fish are pretty spooky, so most serious anglers wear camo’d-out colors to mask their silhouette and melt into the background.  Guides have even been known to take steel wool to their client’s beautiful, glossy rods to cut glare. We took this behavior into consideration, and created a line with a muted colors and finish to improve your odds of hooking BIG trout.

    The first 12 feet of the head has alternating bands of color (like a raccoon’s tail). These color bands help the mask the line’s profile, helping it blend into the background and reduce solar flash during the cast. Taper and head length is designed for versatility, making it an excellent choice for all trout fishing scenarios. Every feature in this line is designed to help you succeed in the toughest conditions, especially in clear water where the fish see everything around them.

    The Airflo Super-DRI bandit is loaded features found in other super-DRI lines like a high floating tip, a supple memory-free head, low friction haul zone, and ridges running the length of the line. They’re built on our low stretch Power Core with a durable coating immune to DEET, UV and chemicals that damage other lines. The Super-DRI Bandit is available in 5 sizes from a WF4 to WF8

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