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  • Airflo Velocity Clear...

    Airflo Velocity Clear Intermediate Weight Forward

    A perfect line for those new to the sport or just getting back into it. 

    With its user friendly taper design, the long rear taper allows the line to grow with you as you improve and increase your casting range.

    Velocity lines have many of the features found on our premium lines, available in Floating, Clear Intermediate, and Fast Sinking.

    Our “budget” family of lines.

    Designed as a great all-around line for people looking to spend a little less money.

    They have a modest head length and taper profile in a slightly shorter (82’) total line length.

    No ridges, no loops, and no Super-DRI, but the line has the same great extruded polyurethane construction as other Airflo lines.

    They come in floating WF and DT versions as well as two sinking WF versions.

    The clear intermediate sink and type 3 sink lines are constructed on a mono core.

    The floater comes on low-stretch Power Core.

    This line is designed for anglers of all skill levels in all fishing conditions.

  • Airflo Forty Plus...

    Airflo Forty Plus Extreme Trans Green Sunshine Fast Intermediate Weight Forward

    The 40+ is a unique line; its short head length and heavy head weight make it effectively a shooting head with an integrated running line. The name 40+ comes from the line length, which is 40 yards long. Made to be significantly heavier than standard lines (per AFFTMA standards), the 40+ line will help lesser casters load the rod and get more distance. This line is about a full line size heavier than a “normal” line. They perform well on light switch and spey rods where a head system isn’t convenient. These families of lines feature thick tip diameters to help beginners maximize casting distance. Sink rate: 1.5ips

    There’s always someone who wants to cast even further - for those guys we developed Forty Plus Expert ­ its like the Forty Plus… just longer, with a 45 foot long head. 

    By increasing the head length, whilst maintaining the same head weight the whole cast is smoother, allowing expert casters to carry more line in the loop and with a little effort, send a fly to the next county. 

    The use of Power Core, helps reduce energy loss and smooths out wobbles that ultra high line speed can put into regular ’stretchy’ lines. Ridge running lines reduce tangles and improve shootability.

    A new addition to the range is the Forty plus expert 'Booby line'. Originally designed for long range bank fishing on concrete bowl type reservoirs – this line gets the distance and drops the flies quickly to depths of 30’ or more. Head is 55’ long and is designed to be cut to length, it has a Di8 sink rate and would need to be cut to 40’ or so to work on a 7/8# rod. An ultra thin running line is ridged to reduce tangles and its hi vis orange colour is great for seeing takes – the total line length is 55yds. An essential line for any competitive fly fisherman. 

    Ask any fly fisher what element of their fishing they'd most like to improve and most would say they'd like to cast further - Enter the Forty Plus. 

    Enhanced with Ridged running line, an addition that makes the line cast even further than you ever imagined possible. Power Core as standard, and you'll need it to help set hooks at the increased distance you'll be fishing. 

    Doubles as an excellent Switch casting line in confined spaces.

  • Airflo Sixth Sence...

    Airflo Sixth Sence Green Intermediate Weight Forward Delta Taper

    Why would you possibly need two intermediate sink rates is a question the un-initiated often ask. In Stillwater, finding the fishes feeding level is one of the critical factors in successfully outwitting your target. The ability to keep a fly at this level during each retrieve just increases your chances of success. 

    Slow Intermediate: 0.5 inches/second

    Fast Intermediate: 1.5 inches/second

    On slow retrieves this is even more critical, throw in a couple of fly grabbing weed beds for good measure and the ability to hang your fly above them without snagging the cabbage is a godsend. Our new line marker system helps you fish with even more finesse in this invisible subsurface world. 

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