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  • Mustad Anti-Snag Jig...

    Mustad Anti-Snag Jig Head Hook

    Jig head

    Light to medium jig heads, standard strength hooks. Aberdeen shape and flexible wire with hand-made anti-snag double wire spring, protecting the hook against weeds, but easily giving way for predator jaws.

    Anti-Snag spring wire

    Perfect ULTRAPOINT™ edge, straight.

    Round shape of the curve (Aberdeen), forged.

    Two cone-shaped rings, fixing the lure firmly.

  • Mustad Classic Jig Heads

    Mustad Classic Jig Heads

    Classic jig heads based on hooks of the highest quality - Mustard Ultra Point - characterized by round hook bend and long, straight bite. The middle part of the shank and the bend itself were laterally flattened in order to improve hooks's tensile strength. The jig heads have very universal adaptation. They are perfect for catching most species of fish on almost every fishery.



    A range of light to medium jig heads, 1X-strong hooks, O’Shaugnessy shape and partly forged, strenghtened wire.
    Thanks to special shape of weight this jig head never collapses when sinks down to the bottom, hook point is always up. It increases catch efficiency, especially of zanders, which often attack the lure right after its contact with the ground.
    Featuring MUSTAD Hook Technology
  • Dragon V-Point...

    Dragon V-Point AGGRESSOR Series Ball Head Jig Hook

    New series of V-Point jig heads, based on the highest quality MUSTAD ULTRAPOINT™ hooks, covered with policeramic BK1 BenchKote layer. Its feature are classic, round Aberdeen type curve, long and straight blade. To increase its strength, the middle part of shaft and curve are semi – forged hook. New thing is the system of lure fixing system in the form of stainless steel hook, made especially for more sensitive and slimmer soft lures, which sometimes got damaged when putting on lead rings used in another series. This element was made very carefully and precisely, what distinguishes V-Point jig heads from other available on the market.
    AGGRESSOR are perfect for all kinds of soft lures in sizes 6–15 cm. For the largest ones double hook type 3674R is recommended or short stinger with an anchor on the steel hook link.

    Especially anglers who fish for zanders almost unanimously claimed that Dragon V-Point are absolutely the best jig heads available on the Polish market. The development of the offer of V-Point jig heads is a great example for great cooperation with Japanese Mustad company, which especially for the needs of Polish anglers decided to invest in production of hooks with parameters precisely adjusted for most often founded in Poland soft lures and fishing methods. We should remember that V-Point jig heads did not develop at comfortable designer desk but as months of tests under water carried by anglers from Team Dragon. That is what decided about their effectiveness and practical application on every fishery in Poland and on many water outside Polish borders.

    Dragon V-Point jig heads have gained a loyal group of clients since HANDMADE IN POLAND the first season on the Polish market. The opinions which we have been coming from many anglers are unambiguously positive, even enthusiastic. The hooks turned out to be very effective, they penetrated the mouth of the biggest predator effectively and many anglers said that only thanks to their use they had excellent results even during the days when fish only brushed the lures.

  • Fun Tackle Grub Jigheads

    Fun Tackle Grub Jigheads

  • Fun Tackle Barbel Loodkop

    Fun Tackle Barbel Loodkop

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