Finesse Jigs


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Finesse Jigs

Finesse Jigs

Finesse Jigs are Round Head or Arrow Head Jigs which are generally small and fished on light line with dainty trailers.

They feature both Round and Arrow Jig Heads and light wire hooks

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  • Booyah Baby Boo...

    Booyah Baby Boo Finesse Jig 

    The BOOYAH Baby BOO Jig features a 60-strand ultra fine BOOYAH silicone skirt, light weedguard and a Ultra Point black nickel light wire hook, this baby has a proven record of catching the big ones.

    • Hooks
    • Premium Components
    • Weedless
    Size  Count Lure Type Hooks
     3/16 oz  1  Jig (Sinnking)  3/0
     5/16 oz  1 Jig (Sinking)  3/0